creating Transparency for startups in europe

German Startups Association

The European Startup Monitor was developed out of the German startup Monitor which was initiated by the German Startups Association in 2013. The ESM was formulated due to the fact that there was no study using data from startups or the entrepreneurship community only.   As the demand for research on European startups was increasing and the study was mainly supported by the national startup representatives, the German Startups Association is in the process of transferring over the research project to the European Startup Network. The European Startup Network brings together 15 democratically organised, non-profit, and independent startup associations from Europe, with 4 supporting members. ESN’s main goal is to harmonise and empower the European startup ecosystems with respect to the entrepreneurial culture, market access, and the legal environment.

As a representative and the voice of startups in Germany, the German Startup Association is committed to establishing a founder-friendly environment. Opening up a dialogue with decision-makers in politics, we develop proposals that encourage a culture of self-employment and reduction of barriers when starting a business. We promote innovative entrepreneurship and want to establish an entrepreneurship mentality in society. We want to connect founders, startups and their friends with each other to form a broad network.

Public Relations

We are committed to building a positive image of startups in society by launching campaigns and organizing events. Through research, we emphasize the importance of startups in Germany.

Political Lobbying

We develop political agendas that are relevant to startups and represent them in the political field, with a functioning startup ecosystem in mind.


Our priority is establishing a network of regional startup initiatives in Germany. Additionally, we work with industry associations, major institutions and established businesses.


The Association

It is very important to us to represent the German startup landscape in a democratic, heterogeneous and representative manner.



Our regular members vote to determine courses of action in the general meeting.


Friends, sponsors and other stakeholders in the startup world who assist us operationally and financially.

The Board

As entrepreneurs themselves, they work in an honorary capacity to lead and represent the association.


Regional representatives provide a nationwide network and presence.

Advisors & Team

The board, the management and the staff handle the day-to-day business.