creating Transparency for startups in europe


Within the scope of this study, startups are defined by 3 criteria:

  • They are younger than 10 years
  • They feature (highly) innovative technologies and/or business models
  • They have (strive for) a significant employee and/or sales growth

For this study, we only analyse data, that correspond with this definition and which is generated only by our online survey. No secondary data is taken into analysis.  

Since the population of all startups can neither be defined for Germany nor for Europe, the study aims to maximise the representative level of the sample by having the largest possible amount of valuable data. Even though all data is collected anonymously, the channels through which the questionnaire is distributed are tracked in order to ensure a high quality of data. Furthermore, a thorough validation and cleansing of the data records - including inconsistent data and data of enterprises not yet founded - guarantees said quality.